West of Windale is Looking Forward To Defining Our New Normal

Our wonderful Kingdom of the Sun have laid out very specific considerations and definitions for what an EVENT is, and how we will be looking at them, as our Society attempts to re-open with Covid-19 precautions in place.

Please be patient while we work out specifics in order to meet, but I think we will maintain a bit of the electronic lessons we’ve learned this past year, until we havae a site available for accommodating our folks.

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WoW Sweat Shop

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2019, 5-8 p.m.
Please contact hosts for location, if interested.
Sometimes we have a potluck, self-serve, and sometimes Lord Terrien provides a meal, more information on that will be available as decided.

*Bring your projects (fabric, leather, armour, garb, banners, bookbinding, etc)
*Politic Free (We try to avoid Scadian, Adrian, US political discussions)
* Willing to teach what we know
*Productivity optional; good company required

Terrien: 928.216.7722
Elzibet: 928.234.0478
*Unofficial event/activity~ Just a bunch of friends & family hanging out & helping each other out*

9/10~ Lord Terrien prepared Rigatoni, salad & garlic bread~ It was YUMMY!

So many projects going on:
Terrien is working on armor, Elzibet is embroidering; Mistress Eden is working on trimming a new tunic, andd Moira likes interrupting her GWW preparations to assist folks with paperwork (Adrian StK’s, Exchequer assistance, Heraldry matriculation paperwork, award reporting/request submissions, etc). Come by and let us know what you’re working on!

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Windale Populace Meeting

Sunday, September 29, 2019
Bullhead City Community Park, 1251 AZ-95, Bullhead City, AZ 86429

We look forward to seeing you folks and having a fun time in Bullhead, as we discuss and plan our Autumn activities and further explore our common interests.

This quarter’s competition is a Savory Bread contest, hosted by Lord Padraig. He won the Cookie Competition in June and besides his trophy, he won the honor of hosting this activity. Remember to bring at least six slices and be ready to list your ingredients (measurements not necessary), so that our judges know what they are working with, and any extra for the populace round table will be greatly appreciated.

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Unofficial Cookie Contest & Potluck during Official FP @ Centennial Park 7/7/2019

On this day we are going to have a potluck:
*Please bring meat you would like to cook for you and your family and various other delicacies that will stand up to the heat
~~watermelon is always nice
~~mayonnaise not a good idea

We will also have a cookie competition:
*Rules for cookie competition~~
~Please have 6 cookies for judging purposes with a 3 x 5 card indicating type of cookie and ingredients
~Cookie does not have to be a period recipe
~Please do not put your name on the 3 x 5 card; you will be assigned a number
~Extra cookies for the populous to enjoy would be most appreciated!
Any questions concerning the cookie competition please consult head judge Mistress Eden Blacksmith; I am looking for two other judges [comment block for listing qualifications can be found on Windale FB group]

Facebook event page removed by private member request.

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WoW Presence at Aten U 6/1-2/2019

Lady Masala & Mistress Eden are heading down for the Kingdom A&S Collegia and University, on Thursday, May 30, 2019, while Lord Terrien & his lady, Moira, will be joining them Friday afternoon.
Moira has said she will be helping with Sign-ins on Saturday 8-9am, and 12-1pm, and has stated interest in a couple of the paper-pushing classes on Sunday. Terrien is thinking about a couple of the combat classes, and I believe he will be taking the Marshal class on Sunday.
There has also been discussions about trying to make it over to Kitt Peak, NSO, and trying some of the local varietals during dinner~~ so this should make for a great weekend get-away, even if we all will be busy!

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