West of Windale is Looking Forward To Defining Our New Normal

Our wonderful Kingdom of the Sun have laid out very specific considerations and definitions for what an EVENT is, and how we will be looking at them, as our Society attempts to re-open with Covid-19 precautions in place.

Please be patient while we work out specifics in order to meet, but I think we will maintain a bit of the electronic lessons we’ve learned this past year, until we havae a site available for accommodating our folks.

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2021 Shire of Windale Budget and Financial Policy

File Name: 2021-SoW-Budget.pdf

File Name: 2021-SoW_Financial-Policy-2.pdf

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WoW Sweat Shop

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2019, 5-8 p.m.
Please contact hosts for location, if interested.
Sometimes we have a potluck, self-serve, and sometimes Lord Terrien provides a meal, more information on that will be available as decided.

*Bring your projects (fabric, leather, armour, garb, banners, bookbinding, etc)
*Politic Free (We try to avoid Scadian, Adrian, US political discussions)
* Willing to teach what we know
*Productivity optional; good company required

Terrien: 928.216.7722
Elzibet: 928.234.0478
*Unofficial event/activity~ Just a bunch of friends & family hanging out & helping each other out*

9/10~ Lord Terrien prepared Rigatoni, salad & garlic bread~ It was YUMMY!

So many projects going on:
Terrien is working on armor, Elzibet is embroidering; Mistress Eden is working on trimming a new tunic, andd Moira likes interrupting her GWW preparations to assist folks with paperwork (Adrian StK’s, Exchequer assistance, Heraldry matriculation paperwork, award reporting/request submissions, etc). Come by and let us know what you’re working on!

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Windale Populace Meeting

Sunday, September 29, 2019
Bullhead City Community Park, 1251 AZ-95, Bullhead City, AZ 86429

We look forward to seeing you folks and having a fun time in Bullhead, as we discuss and plan our Autumn activities and further explore our common interests.

This quarter’s competition is a Savory Bread contest, hosted by Lord Padraig. He won the Cookie Competition in June and besides his trophy, he won the honor of hosting this activity. Remember to bring at least six slices and be ready to list your ingredients (measurements not necessary), so that our judges know what they are working with, and any extra for the populace round table will be greatly appreciated.

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Unofficial Cookie Contest & Potluck during Official FP @ Centennial Park 7/7/2019

On this day we are going to have a potluck:
*Please bring meat you would like to cook for you and your family and various other delicacies that will stand up to the heat
~~watermelon is always nice
~~mayonnaise not a good idea

We will also have a cookie competition:
*Rules for cookie competition~~
~Please have 6 cookies for judging purposes with a 3 x 5 card indicating type of cookie and ingredients
~Cookie does not have to be a period recipe
~Please do not put your name on the 3 x 5 card; you will be assigned a number
~Extra cookies for the populous to enjoy would be most appreciated!
Any questions concerning the cookie competition please consult head judge Mistress Eden Blacksmith; I am looking for two other judges [comment block for listing qualifications can be found on Windale FB group]

Facebook event page removed by private member request.

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WoW Presence at Aten U 6/1-2/2019

Lady Masala & Mistress Eden are heading down for the Kingdom A&S Collegia and University, on Thursday, May 30, 2019, while Lord Terrien & his lady, Moira, will be joining them Friday afternoon.
Moira has said she will be helping with Sign-ins on Saturday 8-9am, and 12-1pm, and has stated interest in a couple of the paper-pushing classes on Sunday. Terrien is thinking about a couple of the combat classes, and I believe he will be taking the Marshal class on Sunday.
There has also been discussions about trying to make it over to Kitt Peak, NSO, and trying some of the local varietals during dinner~~ so this should make for a great weekend get-away, even if we all will be busy!

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The SCA, Not A Renaissance Fair

When most people see members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), they think that we are Renaissance Fair actors. We are actors but only in our own mind. We participate in events for the sheer fun of it and to just get away from the world, if only for a weekend. The SCA is an older organization, we hold fighter practice, we give school demos, we participate in tournaments, and we go to war.

The SCA was started in 1966 by students studying the middle ages. We are a group of people who want to recreate the middle ages, not as it was, but how it should have been. Since we are recreating the middle ages in modern times, it is a anachronism (something “out of time”). The first Kingdom was the Kingdom of the West. The Kindom of the East and the Middle Kingdom were established as the SCA spread across the United States. Currently, there are Kingdoms covering the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia. Kingdoms are divided up into Principalities, Baronies, and Shires. We have branches established on military bases, naval ships and local colleges.

For most of us, the weekly fighter practice is a social gathering. The fighters start putting on their armor and spouces might bring out inkle looms, card weaving projects, or scrolls using caligraphy. Once the fighters have on their armor, we see them pick up the rattan weapons and engage in combat. The fighters all follow the code of chivalry and take the blows that either kill them or incapacitate a limb. On occasion, we get interested bystanders, and one of us will give them information on who we are and what we do. We have a well established social media presence as the SCA, and the Kingdoms all have groups established on Facebook.

During the school year, we get requests from schools that ask us to show the students what medieval combat might have been like and what type of crafts they might have done. We determine who is available and what activities we can bring. We try to have at least two fighters and several people doing arts and crafts. The children are encouraged to talk to the members and try doing some of the arts and crafts. They also get the opportunity to swing a boffer stick, (pvc pipe, wrapped in a pool noodle and duct tape), at the fighters.
Every six months in our kingdom, we hold a Crown Tourney. This is where our hard suit fighters enter a tournament to determine who will be the next King and Queen. The winner of Crown will serve three months as heirs and then “Step Up” at Coronation. Coronation is the closest thing that we have to a Ren Fair. The pagentry is splendid, and banners are displayed with pride as the new king is sworn in by the old king. When a King “Steps down” they are awarded the title of “Count” if was their first reign. If they win Crown a second time, they will get the title of “Duke”. We also run other tournaments during the year, some are fund raisers and others are to determine who will be the Baronial Defender.

Wars are where several hundred to several thousand people get together and set up camp for the weekend or even longer. Our local war is called Estrella War and is held annually during the last week of February. Our current location for the war is south of Phoenix and takes a large parcel of land. We have spaces for individual groups to camp, parking, battle fields, archery, arts and science, and the royal court. The primary reason for the war is to see which side will win the battles, but the real reason is to see friends from other kingdoms, buy food and clothes, and learn new skills. There are usually more activities going on after the sun sets than what occurs during the day. We all have campfires going, people playing drums, people telling stories and some roving entertainers going between the fires. Throughout the year, other kingdoms run wars as well. The most well-known ones are Pensic, Gulf Wars, Great Western War, and Antir–West War. We typically will have representatives from our kingdom at them.

We are not Renaissance Fair actors, but we do recreate the past as we would have liked it to be. Our audience is the members of the SCA. Weekly gatherings, demos, tournaments, and wars are just a small part of who we are. We participate because it is fun and allows us the chance to act out some of what were once just fantasies. This year we celebrated the fiftieth year of the organization and groups are still holding fighter practices, school demos, tournaments, and wars.

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Small site update

Working on getting the pages set up for the upcoming events, I will update them once the Kingdom posts the event info.


Next event for the Shire of Windale is out own Gaelic Games.

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The Windale Report


This is the November 2015 issue of The Windale Report, a publication of the Shire of Windale of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Windale Report is available from Jekob Caudill, Chronicler, Shire of Windale. It is not a cooperate publication of the SCA, and does not delineate SCA, Inc. policies. Copyright 2015 Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. for information of reprinting photographs, articles, or artwork from this publication please contact the chronicler (windychronicle@gmail.com) who will assist you in contacting the original creator of the content. Please respect all legal rights of our contributors.

Upcoming Events

1. Coronation 11-07-15 to 11-08-15

As summer wains and winter approaches we celebrate the reign of Morgan and Elizabeth, and welcome their heirs as our new King and Queen. Please join us on November 7th 2015 at Heritage Elementary School (6805 N 125th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85307) for coronation. Site opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm and the gate fee is $10 for members and $15 for non members Youth under 17 are free. This site is very discreetly damp, please no visible containers and remove containers on your own. Site does have a playground and there will be a children’s corner. And join us on Sunday November 8th 2015 at Varney Park (11820 N 81st Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345) for King and Queens Champion tournaments. The site will be ours from 9 am to 6 pm, there is some shade available but please bring more shade to share and with alternate ways of securing because staking is not allowed. This site is very dry because it is a public park. There is a playground and park tables nearby. Contact Lady Emma Makeblise (Stacy Keller) (623) 332-1216 sjackskeller@gmail.com or Lady Jacqueline de Bretaigne (Jackie Hoeffler) (850) 420-2872. Please no calls before or after 9 am/pm please. Directions to Heritage Elementary: from Phoenix take I-10 West from Phoenix to N Dysart Rd in Avondale (Exit 129), continue North on Dysart Rd. to West Glendale Ave, turn Right and continue East on W Glendale Ave to N 125th Ave, turn Right and continue into the School grounds on the left hand side. Directions to Varney Park: from Phoenix take I-10 west to Hwy 101 go north to the Peoria Ave exit and turn right (East) cross over the railroad tracks and turn left (North) on 83rd Ave. Turn right (East) on Cactus Rd and then right (South) on 81st Ave. The Park will be on the right hand side. Parking is in the Boys and Girls club parking.

2. Southern Crusades 11-11-15 to 11-16-15

SOUTHERN CRUSADES XVII Reconquista de Iberia Nov 12th – Nov 16th 2015 The Baronies of the South invite one and all to participate in the Reconquest of the Spanish Peninsula. Southern Crusades: The Reconquista will be held at the Western Heritage Arena in Marana AZ with numerous activities planned. We will have Armored Fighting, Rapier, Archery, Equestrian, Art & Sciences classes, etc. There will also be nighttime activities such as Hafla & Torchlight Tourneys Dates & Times: Site Opens Thursday Nov 12th at 8 am for those who have pre-registered, 12 pm (noon) for those who did not pre-register. Site Closes Monday Nov 16th at 12 pm (noon). SITE FEES: Pre-registration: $25 for Adults, $10 for Youth ages 5-17, $5 Non-Member Surcharge $5, $70 Family Max (2 Adults & 2 Children) At Gate: $30 for Adults, $10 for Youth ages 5-17, $5 Non-Member Surcharge SITE INFORMATION: Directions to Western Heritage Arena, Marana AZ. On I-10 take exit 236, from the north turn right and from the south turn left (do not cross the railroad tracks). Turn onto the eastbound frontage, just before the Chevron station. Go 1/2 mile east to Postvale Road, turn right and the entrance is immediately on the right EVENT STEWARD: Roberto Raimondo de los Montana de Trueno (Bobby Truelove) southernsitesteward@gmail.com (520)678-4247 PRE-REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Baroness Samara or Lord Domnall will be at all events so you can pre-register, Dragon’s Horde 23 – 25 Nov will the last event you can pre-register at.. If you want to Pre-register at an event, there will be a sign at Gate to let you know who to look for and where they will be located. Pre-registration can also be done by mail until 31 Oct 2015. Mailing information and the pre-registration form will be posted on the Southern Crusades Web site for those that want to pre-register by mail. Yes, it’s true, this year there will be Equestrian at Southern Crusades. Combat Cookery is alive and well, but the question is – Who will take home the Combat Cookery’s winners banner. If you are thinking of participating in this competition, now is the time to contact the Combat Cookery Steward (listed below) no later than 31 Oct 2015, however the sooner you register the better. For your shopping pleasure there will be a Merchant’s row. If you are interested in being a Merchant please contact the Merchant Steward (See Web Site for contact information).



News of the World

With the autumn season in full effect, the month of November has no shortage of glory in store for the faithfull dreamer. In the wind up for the holiday season, and hot on the heals of a sizzling samhain, we In the kingdom of the sun are primed for War and more. The elevation of a humble gladiator to honored Ceaser lauches us into a season of sharpened knives. The wolves are at the door, and in this month of declining temperatures, it is the heat of the blood that will see us throughone of the greatest wars in the known world.

We lauch the month with the coronation of a King. One of the oldest, and most honored warriors of the kingdom, recipient of a litany of awards and recomendations, made a free man by the grace of a king and the gift of a rudius, will be elevated to the highest post of servitude in the land. Their Royal Highnesses Casca and Melissa will be taking the throne of Atenveldt with all of the pagentry and ceremonies that entails. Shortly there after will champions for both King and Queen be selected by tournament.

Following the elevation, and the gathering of the guard, we plunge headlong into the heart of war. Southern Crusades will be upon us. This war offers some of the best fighting known in the kingdom of Atenveldt, while simultaniously giving rise to non fighting events such as the famous combat cookery. This is the war of quests, and stories. If you have never attended an SCA war this would be a fantastic starting point. Small enough to be comfortable, and large enough to get lost Souther Crusades still stands out as one of my favorite events. If you are attending please keep a look out for Tir Na Nog.

A Cultural Offering

The Irish Story and Legend of Cu Chulainn

Cu Chulainn is one of the most famous Irish mythological heroes. He appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, and Scottish and Manx folklore. He was said to be the son of Deichtine and the god Lugh, and the nephew of Conchobar mac Nessa, the King of Ulster. His given name at birth was Setanta but he gained the name Cu Chulainn, meaning ‘Culann’s Hound’ after he killed a ferocious guard dog belonging to a smith named Culann. Cu Chulainn offered to take the place of the guard dog until a replacement could be reared.

The stories of Cu Chulainn’s childhood, which date back to the 9th century, are many. It is said that as a small child, he had asked incessantly to be allowed to join the boy-troop at Emain Macha (today known as Navan Fort in County Armagh, Northern Ireland). According to the legend, he sets out on his own, and eventually runs onto the playing field at Emain, unaware of the custom of asking for protection. The other boys see this as a challenge, and attack Setanta, but he beats them all single-handedly as he carries the trait of ‘ríastrad’, in which he undergoes a sort of distortion, becoming an unrecognizable monster who knows neither friend nor foe. King Conchobar put a stop to the fight.

In the next part of the story, Culann the smith invites Conchobar to his home for a feast. At this point, Conchobar is so impressed by Setanta that he asks him to join the dinner. Setanta is unable to attend right away, but promises to join them at Culann’s house later. However, Conchobar forgets, and Culann lets loose his ferocious hound to protect his house. On arrival at their house, Setanta is forced to kill the guard dog in self-defense. Culann is devastated at the loss of his guard dog and Setanta feels so bad that he offers to rear a new one, and to guard Culann’s house until the new dog is ready to do so.

When Cu Chulainn is seven years old, he overhears a druid named Cathbad teaching pupils at Emain Macha. Cathbad states that any pupil who takes arms that day would have everlasting fame. Desiring everlasting fame, Cu Chulainn goes to King Conchobar to ask for arms. Conchobar gives Cu Chulainn many arms to try, but none can withstand Cu Chulainn’s strength until finally Conchobar gives him his own arms. Unfortunately, Cu Chulainn did not listen to Cathbad’s full prophecy, and he was unaware that a pupil who took arms that day would have everlasting fame, but a short life.

As Cu Chulainn gets older, he decides he would like to take Emer, daughter of Forgall Monach as a wife. However, Forgall is opposed to this, and tells Cu Chulainn that he should train with Scottish warrior-woman, Scáthach. Forgall’s true intent is that Cu Chulainn will be killed. While Cu Chulainn is gone, Forgall offers Emer to Lugaid mac Nóis, a king of Munster, but when the king learns that she loves Cu Chulainn, he refuses to take her hand.

Scáthach teaches Cu Chulainn all the arts of war. His fellow trainees include Ferdiad, who becomes Cú Chulainn’s best friend and foster-brother. During his training with Scáthach, Cu Chulainn comes to face Aife, Scáthach’s rival. Although the two are evenly matched, Cu Chulainn eventually seizes Aife, and demands that she bear him a son. While Aife is pregnant, Cu Chulainn leaves Scotland, and returns to his love Emer, but Forgall still refuses to allow the marriage. Enraged, Cu Chulainn storms Forgall’s fortress, kills twenty-four of his men, abducts Emer, and steals Forgall’s treasure. Forgall falls to his death.

King Conchobar fears the marriage of Cu Chulainn and Emer, because Conchobar has the “right of the first night” over all marriages and is afraid of Cu Chulainn’s reaction if he sleeps with Emer. On the other hand, Conchobar will lose all his power and authority over his subjects if he doesn’t. The druid Cathbad suggests that Conchobar sleep with Emer, but Cathbad sleep between them.

After eight years pass by, Cu Chulainn’s son by Aife, Connla, comes to find him. When Connla refuses to identify himself, Cu Chulainn kills him. As Connla dies, his final words are that he and Cu Chulainn could have “carried the flag of Ulster to the gates of Rome and beyond,” leaving Cu Chulainn grief-stricken.

Several years pass, and Cu Chulainn rides out to face a group of men who have conspired to kill him. They are all sons of men he had killed. On his way, he encounters three one-eyed hags eating a feast of roast dog. They invite him to join them. Cu Chulainn had several gessa, which are self-declared taboos which, if broken, would lead to his inevitable downfall. Two of his gessa were to never eat dog meat, and to never refuse hospitality. At this junction, he has no choice but to break one of his gessa. He takes one bite and places the bone under his thigh. The hand he used and his thigh are immediately weakened. Cu Chulainn continues on his journey, and is eventually killed while fighting his conspirators. When he received his fatal wound, he tied himself to a pillar so he would die standing and facing his enemies. As the prophecy foretold, Cu Chulainn had reached fame but died at a young age.

The legends of Cu Chulainn are still told to this day. As a mythological hero, the stories of his strength and power have lived on, re-told throughout the years in many ways. Today, the image of Cú Chulainn is invoked by both Irish and Ulster (Northern Ireland) nationalists. Irish nationalists see him as the most important Celtic Irish hero, while unionists see him as an Ulsterman defending the province from enemies to the south.


Source & Credit: http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/irish-story-and-legend-cu-chulainn-002150

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The Fall Season

The fall season (for as good as we get it here in Atenveldt) is upon us. Here in the wastelands the temps have dipped into the 60’s. This means that we can break out the fur and wool and begin the winter festivities. Winter brings with it myriad events keeping the children of the sun entertained as the light of our beloved star dwindles into the long dark nights of the solstace.

First in the month of october the kingdom will display its respendance in the kingdom Arts and Sciences competition. This assembly of Aten artisans highlights the works of the year. It seems tradition that Aten artisans are most prolific during the summer months. Perhaps it is the inspirational sight of our representative orb that drives the wonderfilled to create. Then again it may be the fact that we, as a kingdom, are generally hiding in doors, away from the blistering heat that inspires the surge in creative productivity. Either way the end result is a veritable cornicopia of wonderful creation. It would be a shame to miss out on this panoply of Aten talent. I encourage all and sundry to pursue the journey to the Barony of Twin Moons on October 3rd and 4th to enjoy and support. (that being said I am understanding of the fact that this release will be made public after the A&S competition has taken place, but mention of this wonderful event needed to be made, late being better than never.)

Once the wonders of the kingdom have been spread, the conversion of the non-believers by sword and fist will be undertaken in mass force. All able bodied men and women of the kingdom are encouraged to rally their households, and delve deep into the heart of proud Caid. There to pursue the yearly pillage that the locals have been kind enough to bill as the “Great Western War.” This event still holds a magical place in my heart as my first our of kingdom event. Memories of prayers offered to pagan gods for a refill on the Jager, mingle with some of the most brutal hangover fighting I have ever experienced. This roudy little war in the south of California has nothing much to offer excepting great fighting, wonderous revels, grand shopping, and some of the coolest names and faces that our game has to offer.

In the wake of the inevitable victory in Caid, a follow up celebration will be heald in the Shire of Granholme. This is typically known as the yearly event “Pillage Plunder Pluck and Poke”. Fun and frivolity are in high demand at this event, and surely the spoils of war will flow like wine as the riches of Caid are divided amongst the mighty houses of Atenveldt.

October closes with a massive slew of champion tournaments. Along with the event “Dragon’s Horde” these co-occuring events are sure to bring the roudy home, and determine the best of the hometown best as we charge headlong into Pre-War season. Check local listings and calanders for these wonderous tornaments, and the rules of competition for each.

October brings with it the chill of winter, the thrill of victory, and the looming thought that we will once again be repelling invaders in the thaw that follows the now deepening chill. A month of magic and wonder pleasently populated by some of the best events our kingdom has to offer. Sleep sweet Windalians, as the gloom darkens. Leave Almonds, honey, and cream for the fair folk, and enjoy this dwindling of winter as we brace for the oncoming winter.

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