The Fall Season

The fall season (for as good as we get it here in Atenveldt) is upon us. Here in the wastelands the temps have dipped into the 60’s. This means that we can break out the fur and wool and begin the winter festivities. Winter brings with it myriad events keeping the children of the sun entertained as the light of our beloved star dwindles into the long dark nights of the solstace.

First in the month of october the kingdom will display its respendance in the kingdom Arts and Sciences competition. This assembly of Aten artisans highlights the works of the year. It seems tradition that Aten artisans are most prolific during the summer months. Perhaps it is the inspirational sight of our representative orb that drives the wonderfilled to create. Then again it may be the fact that we, as a kingdom, are generally hiding in doors, away from the blistering heat that inspires the surge in creative productivity. Either way the end result is a veritable cornicopia of wonderful creation. It would be a shame to miss out on this panoply of Aten talent. I encourage all and sundry to pursue the journey to the Barony of Twin Moons on October 3rd and 4th to enjoy and support. (that being said I am understanding of the fact that this release will be made public after the A&S competition has taken place, but mention of this wonderful event needed to be made, late being better than never.)

Once the wonders of the kingdom have been spread, the conversion of the non-believers by sword and fist will be undertaken in mass force. All able bodied men and women of the kingdom are encouraged to rally their households, and delve deep into the heart of proud Caid. There to pursue the yearly pillage that the locals have been kind enough to bill as the “Great Western War.” This event still holds a magical place in my heart as my first our of kingdom event. Memories of prayers offered to pagan gods for a refill on the Jager, mingle with some of the most brutal hangover fighting I have ever experienced. This roudy little war in the south of California has nothing much to offer excepting great fighting, wonderous revels, grand shopping, and some of the coolest names and faces that our game has to offer.

In the wake of the inevitable victory in Caid, a follow up celebration will be heald in the Shire of Granholme. This is typically known as the yearly event “Pillage Plunder Pluck and Poke”. Fun and frivolity are in high demand at this event, and surely the spoils of war will flow like wine as the riches of Caid are divided amongst the mighty houses of Atenveldt.

October closes with a massive slew of champion tournaments. Along with the event “Dragon’s Horde” these co-occuring events are sure to bring the roudy home, and determine the best of the hometown best as we charge headlong into Pre-War season. Check local listings and calanders for these wonderous tornaments, and the rules of competition for each.

October brings with it the chill of winter, the thrill of victory, and the looming thought that we will once again be repelling invaders in the thaw that follows the now deepening chill. A month of magic and wonder pleasently populated by some of the best events our kingdom has to offer. Sleep sweet Windalians, as the gloom darkens. Leave Almonds, honey, and cream for the fair folk, and enjoy this dwindling of winter as we brace for the oncoming winter.

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