Good folk of the Shire, and indeed the Known World, I Malcolm the Bold, in the role of humble chronicler have secured an informant on the council of officers for the Shire of Windale. Whispers and rumblings of upcoming delights have been brought to me on the wings of this little bird. For their safety, and to facilitate their continued ability to supply insider information, this informant shall remain unknown to the world at large. The song sang by this industrious little bird, however, shall be recorded here for all to see and enjoy.

In hushed tones I has been conferred to me that the latest of Officer’s meetings was fairly standard Issue… Until. It seems the serving council has been discussing the latest and greatest developments in a planned celebration. Scheduled to happen over the first weekend of the last month of the year, 5th and 6th of December plainly speaking, this celebration is rumored to be a sort of mid winter revel. It is the word of my informant that this celebration has been given the working title of “Yule”. It seems the cadre of officers is planning a traditional theme, hearkening back to mid winter gift exchange events as old as time. If this weren’t intriguing enough, active rumor holds that the Baronies of Ered Sul, and Granite Mountain are enthusiastically participating in the planning and execution of this frosty bash! That’s right folks, you heard it here first, this has moved passed the stage of simply a clandestine kerfuffle, and has plunged headlong into the development of a full blown Kris Kringle conspiracy!

With absolute reliability I can assure the dear and gentle reader that this Solstice time celebration will include features that not only invite winsome whimsy, but rather insure the most bonny of bashes.

There will be an Arts and Sciences competition wherein applicants will be allowed to submit multiple items, optional documentation, and pretty much anything that will fit into a two foot by four foot table space, all to be judged as an “assembled body of work.” While my informant insures me that this competition will be limited to members of the three sponsoring groups, it is furthered guaranteed that there will be an separate, and equally thrilling “Artisans Showcase.” This will be an unjuged, bragging rights only, offering for the appreciation of the adoring masses. Two Arts and Sciences offerings! The sheer cheek of these people.

Also pumping through the veins of an A&S community already drunk with their own ambition is the revelation of a silent auction. Here, my most inquiring of minds, is were the real scandal lies. It seems this Tri-Lateral Union of groups is planning the creation of three, yes three, holiday stockings. These merry shoe liners are to be stuffed to bursting with donated goods. Already the word is being spread through channels both nefarious and mundane, that the shire will be taking donations of goods such as: Inkle, lucet, bead work, fiber arts, hand made candles, soap, traditional herbs and spices, wassail and mulling kits, traditional gifts, and any other of an assortment of heartfelt offerings. Contributers will be encouraged to donate hand made creations, but the paired baronies, and stalwart shire shall certainly not turn away modern store bought contributions, so long as they are appropriate to both season, and historical respectability.

Who, you might ask, could be the Bond villain/Mastermind behind this incomparable industry? That, my friends would be none other than The Mistress Arsenda of Calais, MOAS of the Shire of Windale. Deeply ensconced in her ivory tower, it is the intention of this pernicious peer to tap every aspect of the arts at her disposal, all with the goal of making this the one Yule to rule them all. Further whispers tell us she is recruiting. My little bird informs me that contributions, inquiries, and offers for support can be made using the “usual channels”. In my experience these usual channels refer to something called “facebook messenger” but this last detail is an unsubstantiated dalliance of my investigative arts.

If each of these revelations wasn’t shocking enough the topic of conversation soon turned to the food. Oh my friends… The food. It seems that one of the great names of gastronomical glory has been drawn into this web of intrigue. It has been confirmed that Lord Padraig McLaughlin, the Sultan of Soups, the Potentate of Presentation, the very Earl of the Entree, has attached himself to this enterprise. The Office of Chronicler, in official capacity was already aware of the involvement of the Caliph of the Kitchen, but his tasked list of duties were things such as the creation of site tokens, monitoring of a craft area (yet another arts based offering from the tag team of baronies and shire), Painting of heraldry, winding of wreaths, and a hundred other decorative touches. It was only recently revealed to my singular source, that this Baron of Breads would also be priming the pallets of all and sundry. Surely Ol’ Saint Nick could lend a few elves to the Captain of Creation for the completion of his many undertakings. Again it is rumored and reported to me that any helpful fair folk can offer services to the Dynamo of Delicacies through the afore mentioned “usual channels”

There is so much more to share from the confines of the officers meeting, but for now my loquacious listeners, I must part your company. The evening’s clandestine whisperings have made me suspicious, and a riderless horse has passed the window of my lonely writers garret three times in as many minutes. I fear I may be watched, so for now I must flee. May the dawn find you safe my dear and gentle reader, and as always I encourage you to seek the truth and share it out among the good and great.

In Service and Hiding

Malcolm the Bold

Chronicler; Shire of Windale

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