Unofficial Cookie Contest & Potluck during Official FP @ Centennial Park 7/7/2019

On this day we are going to have a potluck:
*Please bring meat you would like to cook for you and your family and various other delicacies that will stand up to the heat
~~watermelon is always nice
~~mayonnaise not a good idea

We will also have a cookie competition:
*Rules for cookie competition~~
~Please have 6 cookies for judging purposes with a 3 x 5 card indicating type of cookie and ingredients
~Cookie does not have to be a period recipe
~Please do not put your name on the 3 x 5 card; you will be assigned a number
~Extra cookies for the populous to enjoy would be most appreciated!
Any questions concerning the cookie competition please consult head judge Mistress Eden Blacksmith; I am looking for two other judges [comment block for listing qualifications can be found on Windale FB group]

Facebook event page removed by private member request.

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