Northern Yule 2018

Come join us as we celebrate the returning of the sun to our warm fair lands. We will celebrate with a day of playing period games, bardic, center piece competition, sweets competition adult and children’s gift exchange (10.00) and a silent auction. Their Royal Majesties will be holding a Pelican Circle at 10:30. The sweets competition will be at 11:30 and a side board of delicious eatables at noon. The winner of the sweets competition will be announced at TRM’s court being held at 1:00. The rest of the day will be filled with period games, center piece competition and much merriment. Bring your horns or mugs to toast with us, this winter’s evening and join in story, song and feasting. Feast will consist of, freshly baked breads, season butters, pickled eggs and cheeses. A hearty bailey lentil and pea soup, pit roasted pig with an assortment of winter vegetables. There will also be vegetarian options. A warm pear and apple cider will be served during the feast. Evening will feast will finish out with handcrafted fruit and cheese tarts, drizzled with honey and nuts and other pastries. The festivities will wind down with our adult and children’s gift exchange. Event Stewards Mistress Aimee Douglas (Julie Holmes) Padraig O’Laughlin (Patrick Gonzales) Adult event registration 15.00 Adult member discount registration 10.00 Youth 5-17 5.00 Feast: Adult 10.00 Youth 5.00 Please make your feast reservations to Cynthia DeFranciso 2423 Kalamath Loop Fort Mohave AZ 86426 There will be a … Continue reading Northern Yule 2018